Assessment and Deadlines


1. Reading response (Individually) | DEADLINE 28 February 11.59pm
Phillips, Anne. 2013. Our Bodies, Whose Property? Cambridge, MA: Princeton University Press, p. 18-41
– summarize 3-5 key arguments discussed in the text
– raise 3 questions in relation to the text
– save as Name_ReadingResponse.doc (maximum 1 page), upload on studynet
Grading: 10% of grade
Grading criteria: quality of arguments presented, originality of questions, language

2. Watching response (Individually) | DEADLINE 7 March 11.59pm
Watch a documentary of at least 30 minutes about your subject (see documentaries listed under reading and watching list)
– summarize 3-5 key arguments presented in the documentary
– raise 3 questions that you find interesting to follow up on in your research
– save as Name_WatchingResponse.doc (maximum 1 page), upload on studynet
Grading: 10% of grade
Grading criteria: quality of arguments presented, originality of questions, language

3. Group presentation #1 (Group) | DEADLINE 14 March 11.59pm
Presentation of texts, discussion of 1 news article, moderation of discussion with invited expert
– carefully read the key text for your class + 1 optional text (see studynet or list of readings)
– present the main arguments  and 3 questions for discussion for each text in form of PPT slides
– select 1 news article related to the text and discuss the news article in relation to the key text as well as other readings
– on basis of the readings and the news article develop a research question that you would like to investigate during the semester through online research
– Present the invited expert on 1 slide (function, research, topic)
– prepare up to 5 questions that you would like to ask the expert
– save as NameGroup_Presentation1.ppt (maximum 8 slides), upload on studynet
Grading: 30% of grade
Grading criteria: quality of arguments presented, originality of questions, relevance of selected news article, language

4. Consultation session (Group) | DEADLINE 18 April 11.59pm
Draft of blog entry (2500-3000 words, excluding references), questions to be discussed in consultation session, feedback
– submit a first draft of your blog entry that discusses 1-2 news articles against the literature and your online research
– write down open questions you would like to discuss in the consultation session in a word document
– brainstorm as a group about what you like about the class 😉 and what suggestions for improvement you have as a group
– save as Namegroup_consultation.doc, upload on studynet

5. Group presentation #2 (Group) | DEADLINE 2 May 11.59pm
– upload your blog entry on this WordPress-Blog  (2500-3000 words, excluding references)
– present the state of the art (referring at least to three academic texts) and your main research findings (30 minutes)
– present in a way so that you receive feedback from your peer-students on your blog entry
– save as Namegroup_presentation2.ppt, upload on studynet
Grading: 30 % of grade
Grading criteria: quality of texts and arguments presented, level of reflexivity on texts and research process, presentation style, activation of class, feedback-culture, language

6. Final submission of blog entry (Group) | DEADLINE 15 June 11.59pm
Grading: 20 % of grade
upload your blog entry on this WordPress-Blog  (2500-3000 words, excluding references)
Grading criteria: quality of arguments presented, originality of research and quality of research findings, use of theoretical concepts, relating texts to online research, language

Group Presentation #1 Consultation Presentation #2
Group 1: Organ donation in Europe 16 March (moderation, Text Davies) 27 April, 12.15 11 May
Group 2: Organ markets 23 March (moderation, Text Negri and/or Scheper-Hughes) 20 April, 12.15 11 May
Group 3: Organ markets 23 March (introduce expert, Text Cohen and/or Delmonico) 20 April, 13.15 4 May
Group 4: Organ markets 16 March (introduce expert, Text Roscoe) 27 April, 13.15 4 May
Group 5: Surrogacy in the United States 30 March (introduce expert, Text Spar) 27 April, 14.15 18 May
Group 6: Surrogacy in the Global South 30 March (moderation, Text Parry) 27 April, 15.15 18 May
Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5 Group 6
„A cycle of organ donation in CH/ GER“ Trafficking and organ markets in Latin America Organ trade of Chinese prisoners End of life donors in China and UK Surrogacy tourism in the USA Surrogacy in India
Küng, Laura Bowling, Jack Widmer, Muriel Voser, Fabienne Schöpke, Annika Azouyan, Andréas
Behrendt Maximilian Frei, Varun Bischof, Valentina Mäder, Alexandra Wanner, Pascal Leck, Niklas
Karamanli, Anna Matsumoto, Yuri Vollenweider, Fabrizia Surber, Nicole Colella, Giulia Braun, Martha
Linggi, Damian Breitenstein, Anouk Pitkänen, Risto Dreykluft, Niklas Heer, Isabel Tiermann, Katharina
Ludwig, Tim Bellini, Nicole Landolt, Severin Bechtold, Naomi Mayama, Pauline Lützhy, Louise
Engbert, Lara  Vanvooren, Camille Schuler, Chantal